Christoph Schmid

Design Lead
Interactive Things


I’m partner and design lead at Interactive Things, a user experience & data visualization studio located in Zurich, Switzerland.
We are wholeheartedly passionate about making design things understandable, usable, enjoyable and actionable.

Beside the full-time job at Interactive Things, I’m also co-founder of the VJ collective Motionlab VJ Team. I love to be creative and do inspiring work in the area of video projection mapping and visual installation on an experimental level.

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Interactive Things

Interactive Things is a close-knit team with backgrounds in Interaction Design, Information Visualisation and Software Engineering. Be it in the products we design, work and life in our studio, communication with clients and partners: great experiences define our culture.

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MOTIONLAB VJ TEAM is a VJ coalition located in Zurich, Switzerland and has been founded 2002 by the visual artists Nathan Klinkspoor and Christoph Schmid.
As resident VJ’s in several night clubs we tremendously shaped and influenced the nightlife culture from a visual point of view. Our contribution over the last decade was part of of a sustainable video art development scene in Zurich.

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While exploring and researching for projects, I often discover interesting  things and facts, that are worth to blog about. Just stop by and get inspired for your own work.


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